Darwin and NT

Another one from Darwin. This was at Dripstone Cliffs.


PS Go over to jknightsmith.wordpress.com for a better version, this website seems to compress things and make them blurry.


Right, sorry if this is the wrong forum to do this, but I really need some extra drive space. I’m investigating a drobo, but they’re not cheap.

Does anyone know where I can get one cheap with FW 800 and 2 1TB drives.

Local quotes have not been cheap enough.

Cheers everyone.

More From Waroona

This is another Torana from Waroona on the weekend.

Check my blog for the others and believ it or not even or not I even shot landscapes with my buggered foot so check it out!



Hello all. I have been working on processing all my outstanding photos so I’ve been pretty busy lately.

Here’s another one from Kakadu, on the trail into Gubara.


Happy easter to all, I wish you well.

Posted by James

Giving all my gear away!!!


Okay, due to a number of home and work pressures, I am no longer able to photograph. Unfortunately I will not be out hunting the light any more. 😦

I’d rather not see my gear go to waste, so I’m giving it all away. Thats right, tripods, cameras, lenses, flashes, pocket wizards, bags, the lot.

Who wants it, leave your best reason in the comments and I’ll decide who I think is well deserved for all my gear.

You have until the end of the day!

Good Luck

Earth hour 2008

Like so many things it has come and gone. Saw lots of photographers at South Perth though I was in too much of a rush to talk to any. Helped one guy take a shot, by teaching him to turn off his flash and putting his camera on a pole.

Heres probably the best shot i got.

Can we save her?

Can we save her?

Posted by James

Website Launched!

Well the site is finally up and I have to give a big thanks to Beau for all his hard work and putting up with me! I think theres a few on me now mate! The site had to be launched with out a set date cause last Sunday I was told of a local fair that was looking for donations to auction off. I donated a 40 inch framed print of Meelup Beach. So having done that I needed business cards to put with the print so people could view my site, and I certainly wasnt about to send them to my old site!


Cradle mountain

boardwalk-mountains1Time for another from me.

As you all know i was on the overland track in January this year. Unfortunately the photography did not turnout very good due to crap filters and hand held panos but heres one that seemed to work well, taken late in the afternoon on the 3rd day. 

PS. if ya like it can you also comment over at  my blog, as comments have been scarce lately and i need to look good to people casually browsing!!!

Cheers, Stakky

Im Still Here

Okay so I havent been posting still cause I am saving my stuff for the release of my new site but I figured I would throw this up cause its something new and i used a few new tricks on it! It was taken on me trip to the states last year, its a 15 image stitch cropped down to around 12 or 13.



Oz In Focus – First post.

 It’s been a busy year this far and finally this is my first opportunity to post here. For those that have not had a chance or don’t follow my own blog here is a recent post I uploaded from the aftermath of Victoria’s devastating bushfires...


 ‘burnt rainforest gully’ – 2009 Gippsland,Vic.




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